Valentine’s Brain Candy or How to Avoid the Facebook Pigeons

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it seemed appropriate to read and review a romance. I like a good romance, and, no, it’s not because there’s something lacking in my life. I have my prince, thank you very much. I just like the idea of everyone finding a soulmate who will always be there for them, respect and love them and make them laugh. Which also means I like romances with a “happily ever after”, or HEA, as they say in the trade. No tragic, star-crossed lovers for me.

I had an ulterior motive when I picked this week’s book. I swore off Facebook for a week because I was tired of pigeon poop, so I needed an alternate, more pleasant time waster, er, I mean activity.


Let me tell you what I mean by pigeon poop. Since I’m bedridden and housebound, I’ve come to look at Facebook as a virtual cocktail party, one that let’s me stay abreast of friends’ personal lives, or at least the parts they share publicly on Facebook. For purposes of this analogy, let’s say this is an outdoor cocktail party on a warm spring night.

I see and hear about one friend’s new grandchild, a beautiful baby boy. I turn to my next friend to hear about his trip to the Grand Canyon, but before he can talk a pigeon swoops in and spreads angry, snarky poop everywhere and then flies away. I warily watch the sky as I view pictures of another friend’s family reunion and then hear about someone else’s favorite restaurant. Just as I’m starting to relax, another pigeon shows up with a couple of friends. They spread even more angry, snarky poop around and then fly off, looking VERY pleased with themselves.

The cocktail party was no longer enjoyable, so I left. I’ll be back periodically, at the very least to post links to my blog. In the meantime, I’m hoping some of the pigeons get the angry poop out of their systems because I sure would like to see those pictures of their son’s baseball game.

So how about talking about books for awhile?

I thought a romantic comedy would be just the thing to help wash away the pigeon poop and a quick Google search led me to Julie Crusie’s “Bet Me”. It appeared on several “top 25 romantic comedy” lists, and with good reason. It’s hilarious. But it’s not just funny – the romance part is satisfyingly healthy and sweet. It was just the thing to commemorate Valentine’s Day and also clear away the stench of pigeon poop.

“Bet Me” tells the story of Min and Cal. Min is an actuary with a 41yxhtqnanl-_sx296_bo1204203200_slightly caustic personality, a sharp wit and a loyal posse of friends. Cal is a serial heartbreaker with the patience of a saint and needy ex who desperately wants him back. When the two get together there’s unexpected chemistry and a lot of funny dialogue. Friends, family and exes also contribute to the humor and help the book have even more heart.

Bottom line – if you need a temporary escapist diversion, check out “Bet Me” and shoo those pigeons away.

Read any good brain candy lately? Share, please!

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Brain Candy or How to Avoid the Facebook Pigeons

  1. Love your post — both the Facebook thoughts and the book review.
    I’m usually a voyeur on Facebook — but I’m never one to turn down an invitation to a cocktail party. I am now nicely inspired to post !
    Looking forward to reading Bet Me. My recent brain candy was The Rosie Project — which was both moving and laugh-out-loud hilarious!


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