5 Articles About Reading and Books that Recently Caught My Eye


There is no shortage of book and reading related articles on the internet, and I have no shortage of free time, so occasionally I like to see what interesting articles I can dig up. These five caught my eye and range from what to do with old books to the sad tale of how a Twitter mob managed to censor a book before it was even published.

1. Books Smithsonian scholars like. Ever wonder what the smart scholars at the Smithsonian are reading? In this article, eleven Smithsonian staff members share their favorite books of 2018. (Hint: Lots of nonfiction.) I was delighted to find one book on the list that I actually read and blogged about – The Library Book by Susan Orlean. I also found one or two I might add to my TBR list.

2. What to do with old books. Sometimes you just have to let go of old books. I have two shelves of books from high school and college (mostly classics) collecting dust in my old bedroom at my mom’s house that I need to find a home for. My daughters’ high school library didn’t want them since they aren’t “library grade.” Upon further research, I found there are plenty of options for disposing of books you no longer need, ranging from selling them to trading them to donating them to deployed soldiers. This article provides a very comprehensive run down of options. (P.S. If you’re in the KC area and you want a box full of paperback classics, please let me know!)

3. Famous last words. The Washington Post recently published an article about 23 books that end with finesse. The authors “stick the landing.” The article’s writer, Ron Charles, also provides insightful commentary about the 23 books, which range from “A Christmas Carol” to “1984.” Good food for the brain.

4. Modern day book burning. In this disturbing article from Tablet, you’ll learn how YA Twitter used mob tactics to stop the publication of a new author’s book. Some of the most mobby people were fellow YA authors. Remember when writers used to be all about free expression? Yeah, not so much anymore. Now some of them are trying to censor books before they are even published. Warning – this article will probably make you mad.

5. Beautiful vintage book covers. This last article is pure, gorgeous eye candy. The Public Domain Review has provided 32 of their favorite vintage book covers. If I ever write a book, I want the cover to look like one of these. The photo at the top of this post is one of the 32.

And there you have it. Did any of these articles tickle your fancy?

12 thoughts on “5 Articles About Reading and Books that Recently Caught My Eye

  1. Well, I am in fact very angry and amazed by the only article I’ve read so far: the book burning one. I cannot believe that people are so ignorant! This is a first amendment issue that indicates that we know longer understand the basic rights that this country so wisely gave us. Where is the publisher or indeed all publishers in all this idiotic on-line blather? Have we just lost the next “Harry Potter”? Zhao should have ignored this ignorance and censorship. I am totally depressed about the world in which my children and grandchildren must operate and survive. Please tell me this article is “fake news.”

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    • Crazy bad, huh? It’s amazing that a really small but vocal group can wield so much power. They “rule” through fear and I can only assume the publisher was scared of blowback. Unfortunately, not fake news (at least, not so far. I keep hoping it will turn out to be a really misguided publicity stunt.).


  2. Great Michelle! I will definitely look at suggestion #1 and #3 since I’m always looking for a great book to read. Nope, won’t be able to read about the modern day book burning. Don’t need anything more to stoke my coals about modern day media! A man’s got to know his limitations…

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks so much for all the work you did pulling it together. Have you heard about the podcast called Chatter on Books? It’s well done, and I think you might like it.


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