Taking a Little Break

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted many book reviews recently. It’s for a really good reason – I landed a big freelance writing job with some pretty tight deadlines. Typing with my eyes is really cool technology, but frustratingly slow compared to when I could type with my fingers. I find this project is taking most of my time and with two kids approaching college age … well, it trumps my free reading habit. For now.

This will probably last a couple of months, although I may post random, but infrequent, reviews during this time period. For example, I’m really excited about the book I’ve selected for October as part of the 12 months of reading goodness challenge. Fingers crossed that I’ll have time to read it.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for donating to the ALS Association walk. You really came through and helped me exceed my $500 fundraising goal. THANK YOU!

Until I get back into the swing of things, happy reading!

15 thoughts on “Taking a Little Break

  1. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Michelle! Hope your writing project is fun and fulfilling. You’ve recommended several books that sounded good that I didn’t get to at the time – will revisit that list during your “break.”

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  2. Congratulations on the project, Michelle! Thank you for all of your reviews. Even though I cannot possibly keep up with your reading, I love having the ability to go back to a great book list when I need a good book. Also thanks for the reminder for the ALS fund raiser. I decided to contribute to Paul instead of you, however. Just didn’t want to see him come in last!

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  3. Thanks for the update, Michelle. I understand about writing, but find it frustrating enough with fingers. It’s very cool you have this technology, and that you’re connected with so many friends, me included. Thanks for the update, and keep us posted!


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  4. George told us about the new project–congratulations!!! Also very exciting that your girls are nearing college age and all that entails. Our oldest daughter graduated from Penn State and is halfway through Physician Assistant school. Our oldest son is a senior at Lehigh University–and will likely be going active duty Army Engineers when he graduates. (We so wish he could soak up wisdom from the great Pete Murphy…)
    Our twins are 12 and in 6th grade, so we get a short break before starting the college process again! 😉
    I always look forward to your insightful and thoughtful reviews. Your new employer is lucky to have your talents!

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  5. Such great news on your writing job – what a gem they got in you! Hope it is rewarding and I’ll wait patiently for your next book review (and get caught up on my list of reads too).

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