Hire Me

I don’t just write book reviews.

Organizations also hire me to write insightful pieces about them and their industries. I leverage nearly 20 years of experience in industries such as financial services, call centers and management consulting to write work products such as blog posts and white papers that are engaging, thoughtful and well researched. Seven years as a management consultant have made me very proficient at synthesizing information and communicating the important elements of it clearly and concisely. Clients value my collaborative approach and ability to meet deadlines.

Examples of my work:

Blog posts

These 15 IVR System Design Tips Will Take Your Results from Customer Enragement to Customer Engagement

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can improv improve agent performance

even michael phelps needs a coach

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White paper

forging a true parntership with contact center vendor- whitepaper

If you are interested in discussing a potential assignment with me, please send a message through the Contact page.