Book Review: The Tuscan Child, by Rhys Bowen

Joanna Langley is distraught when her estranged father dies. Regretting that she didn’t know him better, she travels to the Tuscany region of Italy to find out more about what happened to him when he was shot down in the area during World War II. But someone wants the secrets of the past to stay buried. Continue reading


Book Review: “Something in the Water”, by Catherine Steadman

Erin and Mark are honeymooning in Bora Bora when they discover something completely unexpected floating in the water. It could be the answer to their prayers or it could rip apart their fledgling marriage. Will they do the right thing? Continue reading

Book Review: “The Summer Wives”, by Beatriz Williams

“The Summer Wives” is an engrossing novel, set in a time and place where wealthy families summered in island mansions off the coast of New England, over-drank regularly at their exclusive clubs and played a lot of bridge (actually, they probably still do most of that). It explores themes of love, family and social class in a way that is sometimes melancholy, sometimes hopeful and always engaging. Continue reading