Book Review: Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

Thirty something Sarah Mackie is on vacation in her native England when she meets Eddie David. They have a passionate seven day affair that concludes with talk of love and being together permanently. But then Sarah never hears from Eddie. He ghosts her. And then Sarah proceeds to behave like a complete lunatic. Continue reading


“The Rosie Project”, by Graeme Simsion

I was in the mood for a really good, funny romance this week and “The Rosie Project” didn’t let me down. Graeme Simsion delivers a humorous and insightful story about a man searching for a wife and accidentally falling in love along the way. Continue reading

Valentine’s Brain Candy or How to Avoid the Facebook Pigeons

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it seemed appropriate to read and review a romance. I like a good romance, and, no, it’s not because there’s something lacking in my life. I have my prince, thank you very much. I just like the idea of everyone finding a soulmate who will always be there for them, respect and love them and make them laugh. Which also means I like romances with a “happily ever after”, or HEA, as they say in the trade. No tragic, star-crossed lovers for me. Continue reading