Shred ALS!

Hello everyone!

I have ALS so this request is very personal.

This is my annual request for donations to my ALS walk team. Nationwide walks are the ALS Association’s primary fundraiser. This year the walks are virtual. I’m a bit worried that will have a negative impact on fundraising and I’ve vowed to do my part to raise money.

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with ALS in 2011 and I’ve been paralyzed and on a ventilator for about 6 1/2 years. Luckily, the disease hasn’t silenced me – I use eye gaze technology to communicate, which includes writing this blog.

Only about 20,000 Americans have ALS. We’re a select group that absolutely no one wants to be a part of. Because the number of people with ALS is so low, care and research funding tend to get shortchanged. However, the ALS Association advocates for us and provides much needed resources.

Please consider donating to my walk team to support the ALS Association’s ongoing work by clicking this link.


An Ode to Libraries During National Library Week 2020

I had a terrific childhood. For five years during grade school I lived in an idyllic children’s wonderland called… Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. I know, I know, “there’s a prison there, right?” Very true, but the prison is just a very small part of the post. For people assigned there voluntarily it’s more like a beautiful, old college campus than a prison site or even a traditional Army post. And, in fact, it’s a hub of Army learning, so the campus image is fitting. Continue reading

Sydney Draws Huckleberry Finn

Sydney is one of my 17-year-old twin daughters, and I’m wildly proud of her! She’s imaginative and a “maker,” which I think is a great combination. Currently, she aims those skills at making elaborate costumes for comic-cons, but it’s also fun to imagine how she might use her talents in a career she really loves – architect? Animator? Game designer? Time will tell. Continue reading

Taking a Little Break

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Smash ALS!


Hello Everyone,

I was diagnosed with ALS 8 years ago. It was devastating, but the ALS Association made it a little less overwhelming. They sponsor multidisciplinary clinics, fund research, facilitate support groups and offer assistive devices, to name just a few of their services. Continue reading

Did You Know Book Sculpting Is a Thing? Here Are Some Examples that Caught My Eye

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