Thank You for Your Generosity!

Thank You for Your Generosity!

Last month I posted an invitation to help me celebrate ten years of LIVING with ALS by donating to the ALS Association. Once again, you came through and helped me raise over $22k for ALSA. I have the best blog readers!

The fundraising walk was last Saturday, October 9, at Kauffman Stadium, where the Kansas City Royals play. Thanks to generous donors like you, I was recognized as the top individual non-corporate fundraiser and my walk team, Michelle’s Raiders, was recognized for being the top non-corporate fundraising team. I’m a little competitive, so this was thrilling to me!

The picture shows our team at the walk. I’m in the power chair, of course, and my husband, Paul is behind me in the the yellow shirt. My lovely home care nurse, Michaela, is on Paul’s left (hi Michaela! – she’s a blog reader). My wonderful sisters, Virginia and Jenifer, happened to be in town from either coast and they’re to my right.

To their right is the bulk of Michelle’s Raiders, which was composed mostly of old high school friends. That’s fitting because “Raiders” was my high school mascot and the team was started several years ago by one of my high school friends. Sadly, the high school closed a few years ago, but the spirit lives on!

My family was also honored to be the grand marshals of the walk and got to cut the ribbon that kicked off the event.

Altogether, it was a terrific day and I’m so grateful to the donors who helped make it happen. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Thank You for Your Generosity!

  1. Go Michelle! I’m not the least surprised by your accomplishment. You are a shining light to everyone with ALS as well as to your friends, family and your blogger group. I was honored to be a (albeit remote) part of this. Each year ALS is tops on my list for donations because I truly believe that a cure is just around the corner. Stay strong and believe. Deb S

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