Updated Reader Recommendations Page!

Over 200 book recommendations

It’s time for the annual updating of the Reader Recs page. This page contains a list of books recommended by my wonderful blog readers and is a constant reminder of how much reading I still need to do.

This year we added 40 more books to the list, bringing the total to 207. New additions are in the top section, followed by the older book recommendations.

I hope you’ll use the Reader Recs page to help you find your next read. Here’s the link to more than 200 book recommendations.

June’s ‘Kind of Like a Book Club’ Book

Thanks to the article that ran in The Kansas City Star, I have a bunch of new followers. Welcome! I’m looking forward to reading together. The way the book club works is pretty simple. We just read a book every other month, which gives everyone a couple of months to read the book. I blog about the book at the end of the month and try to get some discussion going in the comments section. And to simulate an actual book club, if you just want to pour yourself a glass of wine and chat about random topics, feel free. Continue reading

Kids and the Classics

I’ve decided to take the week off from reading anything “blogworthy”. I just finished a long book (“Playing to the Edge”) and I’m getting ready to tackle an even longer one (Stephen King’s “11.22.63”), so I’m resting my brain.

Instead, I’m hoping to have some dialogue about something that’s been on my mind for several months now: classic books that today’s generation of kids will enjoy. Continue reading