Sydney Draws Huckleberry Finn

Sydney is one of my 17-year-old twin daughters, and I’m wildly proud of her! She’s imaginative and a “maker,” which I think is a great combination. Currently, she aims those skills at making elaborate costumes for comic-cons, but it’s also fun to imagine how she might use her talents in a career she really loves – architect? Animator? Game designer? Time will tell.

Sydney is also gifted at drawing and leans toward manga style. You might recall that I posted her drawing of Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye. Now she’s taken on Huckleberry Finn. Pretty good, huh?

Last time, Oliver the Cat shared his opinion of The Catcher in the Rye, but he sat this one out. He’s busy studying for the ACT.

He doesn’t look very happy.

My next post will be about the book I chose to read for January for the 2020 Thoughtful Reading Challenge. This month’s challenge is to read the first book in a series. I’m looking forward to reading this book because it’s been on my list for quite awhile. Hope to hear about what books you’re reading!

6 thoughts on “Sydney Draws Huckleberry Finn

  1. I loved Sydney’s rendition of Huckleberry Finn and forwarded it to our daughter in DC to enjoy. She is also a “comic-con” kid and a big manga fan. Our children are so lucky to have these great ways to express their individuality in a modern literary setting!

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  2. Especially love the shading on Huck’s legs! Both of the twins are very talented and it’s been such a privilege to see them develop their interests and skills! Can I share this on Insta? My sister-in-law is an illustrator and I know she’d appreciate it as would others. Good luck to Oliver on that test, btw.

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