“Enemy Women”, by Paulette Jiles

In “Enemy Women”, Paulette Jiles reminds us of the great suffering that occurred during the American Civil War, particularly among the civilian population. But the message is also that even in the midst of such suffering, examples of great strength and love can be found. Continue reading


“The Alice Network”, by Kate Quinn

It’s 1947 and 19-year-old American Charlie St. Clair is in England, searching for her missing French cousin, Rose. Rose disappeared in Nazi-occupied France a few years earlier, so it’s possible she was a war casualty, but there aren’t any definitive records. Charlie wants to find her. She NEEDS to find her. Continue reading

“The Chaperone”, by Laura Moriarty

Cora Carlisle is a Wichita housewife who is given the opportunity to chaperone 16-year-old Louise Brooks on a month long trip to New York City during the 1920’s. Louise is a precocious and selfish teenager who goes to NYC to study with a famous dance company and would go on to be a silent film star (in real life). Cora’s motive for going on the trip is so she can try to find out about her birth parents. She spent the first six years of her life in a NYC orphanage, until an orphan train delivers her to a family in Kansas. Although she was happy with her adopted family, she really wanted to know more about her roots. Continue reading