“The Chemist”, by Stephenie Meyer

From the author of the Twilight series comes a highly entertaining thriller. But don’t worry – there’s not a single teenage vampire in sight. Continue reading


March’s “Kind of Like a Book Club” Book

For our next discussion book, I thought we’d go back to fiction. It’s a story set during one of my favorite time periods – World War II. The book is “Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel” by Mark Sullivan and here’s the info from the book jacket: Continue reading

“American Fire: Love, Arson and Life in a Vanishing Land”, by Monica Hesse

Sad, strange events are brought to life in Monica Hesse’s “American Fire”. Hesse takes what would probably be just an average true crime story and elevates it to something more by providing social, economic and historic context. The result is a very interesting and sometimes sympathetic look at a crime wave that shook a small Virginia community. Continue reading

“Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore”, by Matthew Sullivan

Lydia works at a large, independent bookstore in Denver. She’s extremely compassionate, especially toward the “sad men” who populate the bookstore (if you’ve spent any time at all in an urban Barnes and Noble, you’ll be familiar with this type of customer). One night, one of these “sad men”, Joey, kills himself in the bookstore and leaves behind clues that surprisingly tie him to Lydia’s troubled past. Continue reading