Book Review: The Good Lord Bird by James McBride

In The Good Lord Bird, we get an inside (although fictional) view of abolitionist John Brown’s violent crusade against slavery in the Kansas Territory and subsequent raid on Harper’s Ferry in the years leading up to the American Civil War. It’s told from the perspective of Henry, who was a ten-year-old slave when he was liberated by Brown and then rode with his “army” for four years, including to Harper’s Ferry. Continue reading

Book Review: The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey

The Daughter of Time is a novel, written as a police procedural, that attempts to clear Richard III of the murder of his two young nephews, also known as the princes in the tower. It’s a fascinating and very convincing denunciation of the process used to record history as well as a strong case for the defense, but was Richard III innocent? It’s still open for debate. Continue reading

Updated Reader Recommendations Page!

Over 200 book recommendations

It’s time for the annual updating of the Reader Recs page. This page contains a list of books recommended by my wonderful blog readers and is a constant reminder of how much reading I still need to do.

This year we added 40 more books to the list, bringing the total to 207. New additions are in the top section, followed by the older book recommendations.

I hope you’ll use the Reader Recs page to help you find your next read. Here’s the link to more than 200 book recommendations.

Book Review: The Girl in Green by Derek B. Miller

In The Girl in Green, an American soldier and a British journalist try to save an Iraqi girl from violence in the aftermath of Operation Desert Storm. Over twenty years later, they reunite in Iraq after seeing the girl’s doppelganger on some news footage. The Girl in Green is a sharp-witted commentary on the absurdity and futility of conditions in the war-torn Middle East. Continue reading