Book Review: Gone for Good by Harlan Coben

Gone for Good is a well engineered thriller, full of unpredictable plot twists and surprises. Although sometimes dark and disturbing, it’s hard to put down because you’ll be anxious to see what storyline twists the author has cooked up next.

This may seem like a totally random book choice. Afterall, it was published ten years ago. However, there are several male authors that regularly appear on the best seller lists whose books I’ve never read. This includes writers like James Patterson, Brad Thor and Harlan Coben. So this is my effort to branch out. Gone for Good was rated highly by Amazon readers and it was available at the library, so bingo!

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So now about the book. Will Klein is the main character in Gone for Good and most of the story is told from his perspective. Eleven years ago, his ex-girlfriend is murdered in the basement of her parents’ home and the prime suspect is Will’s brother, Ken. Ken then disappears, leaving behind two shattered families – his own and that of the murdered girl. Then he resurfaces and it sets off a gripping and surprising chain of events.

I liked Gone for Good. It definitely kept me interested and got my mental wheels turning. I was able to figure out some of the plot twists in advance but others took me by surprise, which is a quality I like in a thriller. Harlan Coben is a very efficient writer. Based on my huge sample size of one book, I’d say he’s all about the plot. There were several tragic events where he could have gone poignant on the reader, but he just kept driving to the next scene. And that was fine with me because it meant I didn’t cry!

So if you’re looking for an entertaining thriller, and don’t mind a little dark, check out Gone for Good. I liked it and Harlan Coben has a new fan.

Have you read Gone for Good or anything else by Harlan Coben? Share your thoughts below.

Update: Since reading Gone for Good, I’ve read another Harlan Coben suspense novel. Check out my review of Tell No One

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Gone for Good by Harlan Coben

  1. Hi, Michelle. Remember me from H&R Block…? Susan Stanton recently told me about your book blog, so I signed up, because I’m an avid reader, too. I’ve never read Harlan Coben, but I, too, have noticed him often on the bestseller lists. You’ve encouraged me to give him a try!

    Do you ever read children’s books? I’m currently reading the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace. Somehow I missed them as a girl. They are incredibly sweet, and paint a picture of a world from a long time ago.

    Glad to be re-connected. I am going to read some of your archives, and look forward to your next blog entry!
    Martha Gershun


  2. Hi Michelle. It’s Patty, your dental hygienist. This sounds like a book I might enjoy. I wondered if you have read Defending Jacob, by William Landay? I enjoyed it for being a page turner as well as some unpredictable twists towards the end. Thanks for the recommendation. I will mention it at my book club gathering next week!


  3. I was able to get it right away. Probably because it’s ten years old, but really good. You are right. It can be dark and disturbing, but worth the read. Thank you



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