New Books Added to Reader Rec’s Page!


The Reader Rec’s page now contains over 100 books that have been recommended by my awesome blog readers!

Need some ideas for what to read next? Use the Reader Rec’s page for inspiration. Your next great read just might be waiting there for your discovery.

Thanks to all my readers for providing recommendations! Keep them coming!

2 thoughts on “New Books Added to Reader Rec’s Page!

  1. I’m currently reading two good books. Armstrong and Charlie is set in the 70’s in Los Angeles. African American students are being bussed into suburban, white schools. Excellent blend of humor and drama. The second is The Most Dangerous. It’s a nonfiction account of Daniel Ellsberg and the Viet Nam War. Not much is taught in high school about this time period.

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  2. I am read a book selected by a member of my bookclub and I highly recommend it. Some of My Best Friends Are Black, subtitled The Strange Story of Integration in America, by Tanner Colby is an eye opening exploration of America’s black/white racial disconnect. Several chapters are devoted to the segregation perpetuated and increased by redlining, blockbusting, white flight and restricted covenants in real estate development. The prototype used to illustrate this cultural and economic phenomenon is none other than JC Nichols and our notorious KC Troost Avenue racial divide. I gained a big picture perspective by reading this book. If you have ever cringed when someone says racism isn’t currently a large problem, or “they should be over it by now”, this book will help you articulate why that is so absurd.


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