Reader Rec’s Page Is Updated!

I get some fantastic recommendations from you, my blog readers, and they can be found on the Reader Rec’s tab. It’s updated once a year (thanks to my right hand gal, Alison), and with the latest additions there are about 130 books on the list. I have also added links to my blog posts if I’ve read a book on the list. And after going through that exercise it’s clear that I have a lot more reading to do!

Hope you find it to be a handy tool for picking out your next great read! You might even want to bookmark it. 😉

7 thoughts on “Reader Rec’s Page Is Updated!

  1. Anne,
    I have a question. You say this blog is ad supported. Is it important to click on the link in order for you to get credit?


  2. I wasn’t sure where to leave this book suggestion. In between the books I am reading for the 2020 Thoughtful Reading Challenge, I picked up Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano. I am not much into disaster books or films so I wasn’t so sure I would lke this. I was wrong. I will be thinking about this book for some time!

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