Audio Book Review: The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell, Narrated by Joanne Froggatt

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The Night She Disappeared is a gripping suspense novel written by Lisa Jewell and expertly narrated by Joanne Froggatt (audio version). It’s one of those thrillers that will have you guessing until the end.

Tallulah and Zach are a young couple who mysteriously disappear one night, leaving their baby behind. They were last seen at the large estate of one of Tallulah’s college friends, Scarlett, but Scarlett and her family claim to have no idea what happened to Tallulah and Zach. It’s a genuine mystery.

A little over a year later, the trail has gone cold, and it wasn’t much of a trail to begin with. The police scoured the woods around Scarlett’s family’s mansion, but didn’t find a thing. Despite the lack of clues, Tallulah’s mother, Kim, hasn’t given up hope of finding out what happened to her daughter, and she’s unexpectedly helped by Sophie, a mystery writer who has just moved to town.

Sophie lives in a small cottage, and one day she finds a sign attached to her gate that says, “Dig here.” She unearths an important clue about Tallulah and Zach, the first in many months. This gets her amateur detective juices flowing and, together with Kim, she begins to dig into the case.

Through Sophie’s discoveries and a series of flashbacks, the author slowly and satisfyingly peels back the layers for her readers, until we finally know what happened The Night She Disappeared.

Great story and also great narration. I’m pretty sure this was the first audio version of a novel I’ve ever listened too, and I’m now a fan. The narrator made the story come alive for me more than I would be able to do on my own. For example, I discovered that I read dialog without emotion, while the narrator “acted” the dialog out, which made a big difference in terms of what I was feeling as the story unfolded.

I highly recommend the audio version of The Night She Disappeared to anyone who likes a good suspense novel with terrific narration.

Now I’m in the market for some good audio book recommendations. Any suggestions?

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6 thoughts on “Audio Book Review: The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell, Narrated by Joanne Froggatt

  1. Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series of books (most take place in Three Pines Quebec) are really good on audio. The 1st one isn’t my favorite, but keep going, they are really well-done and her reader does an amazing job. We listen to them on long car trips.

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  2. Sounds like an interesting book! I have not read any of her books but Molly has and enjoyed them. I also like your take on audio books. Since we are on the road a lot, we listen to many books that way. With a good narrator, the book can really come alive. With a not so go one, well, just the opposite!


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